Rapid-Ease Pain Relief Cream

Many pharma drugs just mask pain, delay your healing and can cause serious harm. Rapid-Ease works with your body systems instead of blocking them to treat all aspects of everyday sports injury.  It helps you heal -naturally.

Rapid-Ease uses full strength herbal extracts of Arnica montana and Comfrey leaf -at many times the dose % of comparable products and thousands of times higher than diluted homeopathic creams - combined with fast acting topical pain relievers Menthol & MSM.   The total amount of actives is a remarkable 14.75% ....you can see the amount of actives in the light tan color.

Rapid-Ease treats ALL aspects of muscle and joint pain - rapidly reduces pain & inflammation and speeds healing of your underlying injury by speeding up your immune system response. You’ll feel fast, long lasting pain relief and faster recovery from muscle & joint pain, back pain, sprains, strains & sporting injury. 

Available in 2.12oz or 4.24oz sizes or our Value Pack (6.36oz) combo.

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