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Understanding more about injury stages

Rapid-Ease treats your pain, speeds your recovery & helps you heal-naturally

When we get injured our cells send signals of pain, swelling, heat and redness (called inflammation) to our immune system to start the injury repair process. Whether it’s accidental, chemical or viral, the cells inflammatory reaction is the same.

Most commonly used ways to treat muscle & joint injury have been disproven. Using ice and the RICE protocal has been shown to delay healing and cause muscle weakness and cell damage.

Its now well known that most Pharma drugs for injuries have serious health risks.  The  FDA state nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) can cause heart attacks or strokes leading to death.  Comprehensive research now shows NSAID drugs delay your natural healing process.

Centers for Disease Control consider opioids to have serious risks and the lack of evidence about their long-term effectiveness. CDC believe anyone who takes prescription opioids can become addicted to them and that opioid misuse has become a national epidemic.

Rapid-Ease works very different to pharma drugs – its fast-acting pain relief that helps you heal, it’s safe to use -with no known health risks and with all natural ingredients.

Rapid-Ease uses a synergistic blend of OTC Menthol + 3 proven botanical actives Arnica, DMSO MSM + Comfrey, to support all 3 stages of injury repair:

Messaging stage
Arnica is high in a powerful plant chemical called Helenalin, which works at the very beginning of the important NF-kB inflammatory cascade in several ways; It signals the immune system that damage has occurred and needs repair, it stimulates the waste removal via macrophages & phagocytes and turns off the inflammatory cascade so further cell damage is avoided.  DMSO MSM is high in sulfur which blocks pain messages with Menthol as a cooling OTC analgesic.

Proliferation stage
Arnica regulates fluids to reduce harmful swelling and increase beneficial plasma & blood flow.  & delivers oxygen and repairing nutrients. Comfrey is rich in trace minerals and specifically stimulates osteoblasts & fibroblasts -the cells building blocks used for repairing cell damage of bones, muscles and connective tissue.

Remodelling stage
Comfrey is rich in Allantoin which organises fibrin scaffolds, supports healing of ligaments and remodelling of injury site. 

These ingredients work together to cover all aspects of an injury -by speeding up the body’s healing response and by reducing pain & heat, swelling & bruising.  Rapid-Ease works with your body systems and has no known risk of harmful side effect.

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