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Rapid-Ease combines the best of science & nature – to help you heal, naturally.

This holistic remedy iss analgesic, anti-inflammatory & immune supporting. That means faster natural pain relief that treats every aspect of your muscle and joint pain.

Our 100% natural botanical ingredients are grown in optimal conditions & sustainably sourced so they are better for you and better for the planet. We use research & science to test efficacy, purity & quality – for your safety and peace of mind.

The active ingredients are premium quality used at highly therapeutic doses. Our cutting edge delivery system absorbs deeply – to the cellular level where the injury has occurred – so you heal faster. And we’ve made sure Rapid-Ease feels great to use…. non-greasy, gently cooling with a light mint aroma.

Arnica montana flower – wild crafted, alpine grown, sustainably sourced


High in Helenalin: is analgesic, anti-inflammatory to reduce swelling, immune stimulant to speed your natural repair process

Comfrey Leaf – organic, biodynamic & green processed


Rich in Allantoin, and minerals. Healing, stimulates osteoblasts for bone healing & fibroblasts for connective tissue & muscle repair. Helps rebuild injury, supports repair & remodelling.

DMSO / MSM Ultra pure Triple distilled, USA made


Rich in sulfur mineral – a fast acting pain blocker analgesic, anti-oxidant & anti-inflammatory, is a GAG mineral that supports connective tissue & joint health for better repair and easier movement

Menthol – organic, naturally sourced


OTC analgesic pain relief - cooling for hot tired muscles & joints. 

Light mint aroma that vanishes quickly. Smells and feels great to use


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