Sports Performance

Sports Performance

For athletes, especially in endurance or high impact sport, pain is inevitable. But with Rapid-Ease, suffering is optional.

When you train hard, or if you get injured, your cells send signals of pain, swelling, heat (called inflammation) to your immune system which starts the injury repair process.

Most pharma drugs work by stopping inflammation (NSAID’s) or blocking pain (opioids or ice). This delays your natural healing process with increased risk of many adverse side effects including heart attack and gastrointestinal bleeding.

Rapid-Ease gives you a natural pain relief and injury repair solution, but it also helps you warm up better, perform better during intense or endurance exercise and reduce your injury risk.  So, overtime, you become a more enduring athlete that can perform better at the sports you love.

  • Rapid-Ease helps athletes be their best at the sport they love.
  • Rapid-Ease is fast acting pain relief that gives athletes fast & easy self-care of minor injuries
  • Simply rub a little onto the injured area or use on key muscles and joints before & after exercise
  • Tested and proven by over 15,000 endurance athletes

Improves pre-sport warm-up for muscles and joints

  • Increases blood flow to warm and oxygenate muscles before exercise
  • Improves your joint pliability for better range of motion, mobility and movement efficiency
  • Supports muscle health & performance during endurance events

Supports muscle and joint health during sports

  • Great for on-the-go use during endurance events for
    • targeted musculoskeletal pain relief
    • better muscle performance
    • improved metabolic waste removal
  • Supports health of all musculoskeletal aspects:
    • Reduces muscle fibre injury and
    • Repairs micro tears of muscles & tendons,
    • Supports joint & ligament health,
    • Speeds healing of bone injury & stress fractures

Safe for all athletes to use -whether weekend warriors or elite athletes

  • 100% natural herbal extracts and minerals used at highly therapeutic doses
  • Made with cGMP quality standards and OTC testing regime for your safety and peace of mind
  • No known health risks
  • WADA drug free sport lowest risk category, no narcotics or banned substances

Improves cool down & muscle maintenance

  • Improves cellular recovery time (increases blood flow of herbal anti-inflammatory’s & healing building -blocks, removes metabolic waste, supports rebuilding & strengthening)
  • Reduces recovery down-time
  • Reduces discomfort of foam rolling or myofascial releases
  • Eliminates need for uncomfortable ice baths or dangerous NSAID drugs

Allows athletes to treat their own minor aches and pains before they worsen

  • Reduces over-training risks
  • Reduces or eliminates DOMS pain (delayed onset muscle soreness)
  • Helps reduce the pain of muscle rolling & trigger point massage
  • Speeds up your after sport recovery program
  • Improves rehab for trauma injury with faster return to sport
  • Great with braces, elastic supports & light strapping if required.

Helps save you time & money and keep you enjoying the sport you love. 

Rapid-Ease is also great to use in sport massage or relaxation massage to soothe tense or aching muscles & joints, and support healing.

And the best part is Rapid-Ease works naturally to help you heal faster. Unlike pharma drugs Rapid-Ease won't affect your cardio system, your kidneys or your stomach.  There are no known health risks or addiction issues.  Rapid-Ease has been proven by thousands of users & 15 years of testing and it is 100% quality guaranteed. 


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