Pains, Strains & Sprains

Pains, Strains & Sprains

Musculoskeletal pain affects many of us every year.

A massive 2015 study on Bone and Joint Health found nearly 20% of US adults are affected in everyday living due to muscle or joint injury, or disease. And chronic muscle or joint pain – often arthritis - affects 1 in 3 US adults. 

Often this chronic pain starts with a traumatic injury not healing properly -a sprain or strain injury from a fall trip or twist of a limb or a repetitive strain injury.

Our bodies are designed to heal – especially from mild and moderate muscle and joint injuries.

Most grade 1 or grade 2 sprain and strain injuries are fairly easy to treat at home, with just

  • some simple information
  • the right support products
  • followed by effective stretching and strengthening exercises to regain mobility and stability.

It is shocking to realise that the commonly recommended advice from sports medicine, emergency rooms and big pharma actually stops our body’s healing process– and can cause further harm.

  • Using Ice or ice baths have been shown conclusively to delay healing, weaken muscles and cause cell damage if kept on the skin for too long.
  • NSAID pain drugs are – common chemicals like diclofenac or ibuprofen with household brand names like Voltaren, Motrin or Advil have been conclusively shown (by the FDA and significant research) to delay injury healing with increased risk of significant harm such as stroke or heart attack, kidney & GI tract bleeding.

The reason NSAID drugs and Icing delay your healing is they stop your immune system from working properly. 

Anything that interferes with the immune system process delays your healing. 

Anything that supports your immune system will help you heal faster.

Rapid-Ease is pain relief that supports your immune system to help you heal from sprains & strains – naturally.

Its pain relief that helps you heal – naturally.

  • Fast targeted topical pain reliever - works 4x faster than pills
  • Full strength Arnica, controls inflammation, bruising & swelling
  • Comfrey leaf and MSM for ligament and tendon health
  • 100% natural tested & proven ingredients
  • Helps you care for your family & treat injury fast
  • Speeds your healing so you get back to work & sport faster
  • Saves you money from emergency room visits and expensive pharmaceuticals
  • Proven superior to RICE protocol and NSAID drugs, homeopathics & heat rubs
  • Great for sporting & work-place injury or every-day family use

  • Saves you time and money from expensive medical treatments
  • Gives peace of mind – no health risks or narcotic concerns

  • Ideal for pain relief and effective selfcare treatment of
    • Grade 1 ankle sprain & grade 2 ankle sprain, high ankle, foot & wrist sprains
    • Achilles tendonitis pain, bursistis & all ligament & tendon injury
    • Shin splint pain relief, knee pain & ITB, hamstring, quadricep or leg injury
    • Plantar fasciitis, heel spurs & hardworking feet
    • Repetitive strain & over-use injury
    • Neck, shoulder, arm, wrist, hand, hip sprain.

  • Puts injury care of mild and moderate musculoskeletal injury into your own hands
  • Simply rub gently into injured area at least 4x/day
  • Use with braces & light strapping for extra support if required
  • Perfect for all athletes, coaches and parents first aid bags

Rapid-Ease is also great to use in sport massage or relaxation massage to soothe tense or aching muscles & joints, and support healing.

And the best part is Rapid-Ease works naturally to help you heal faster. Unlike pharma drugs Rapid-Ease won't affect your cardio system, your kidneys or your stomach.  There are no known health risks or addiction issues.  Rapid-Ease has been proven by thousands of users & 15 years of testing and it is 100% quality guaranteed. 


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