Best Muscle Pain & Joint Pain Relief Rub

Best Muscle Pain & Joint Pain Relief Rub

Muscle aches and joint pains are something nearly all of us will face at some point in time.  

Musculoskeletal conditions – that’s the term for pains and strains in your muscles or swollen injured joints are some of the most common reason for doctor’s visits and time off work. Sometimes it’s from a trauma accident like a sprain, strain or a tear, other times it’s a chronic condition, such as arthritis or fibromyalgia.

Recent research shows musculoskeletal injury or disorders affect 1/2 of us every year, while arthritis affects between 1/3 of us, especially as we get older. We understand what pain and injury costs us personally- in time off work, expensive medical treatments and loss of enjoyment. But it also costs the healthcare system and the economy. 

Muscle & joint injury take up 19% of health care visits & are up to 50% of disabilities. 364 million work days are lost per year from Musculoskeletal injury which is rightly considered a huge financial burden to people, society and the economy.

People have got used to popping a pill to quickly relieve their muscle pain or joint injury – its seems to be a fast solution to this common problem.

The bad news is, that over the last few years, most of the pharma drug options, and other common ways to treat muscle and joint pain - NSAID drugs, opioids even Ice and cold packs have been shown to delay your healing.  These options just mask the pain, they don’t treat the underlying injury.

To add insult to injury, its shocking to find that they can actually harm you too. 

  • All NSAID pharmaceuticals (with the exception of low dose asprin) have been shown to delay your healing and cause significant risk of harm from heart attack, stroke, increased asthma risk & gastrointestinal or kidney damage.
  • Opioids are narcotics that have a place in blocking serious pain (say after surgery) but use for mild and moderate and chronic pain leads to increased tolerance, causes significant addiction risk and a range of unpleasant side effects like constipation, increased muscle & joint pain, skin rashes.
  • Even old fashioned icing an injury delay your healing, but can cause muscle weakness and cellular damage and frostbite if used for too long.

The reason all these methods delay your healing and can  harm your health is they treat inflammation by stopping your immune system working and altering your immune system messengers.  Our immune system is the only way we heal.

And especially in a pandemic world we need our immune system working as well as it can.

Rapid-Ease is a whole new way of looking at pain relief.  It’s fast acting natural pain relief cream with herbal extracts that supports your immune system function and helps you heal.

And it is tested, researched and proven safe to use. Rapid-Ease is 100% natural - has no known health concerns.

Rapid-Ease is ideal for :

Muscle Pain relief

  • Natural muscle relaxant cream for tight, tense & knotted muscles
  • Chronic muscle pain treatment for myalgia, fibromyalgia tender points
  • Helps you manage fibromyalgia symptoms, supports muscle & nerve health
  • Fast acting muscle pain relief medicine - starts in just 4 minutes

  • Reduces back pain, reduces sciatica & nerve pain, eases pinched nerves
  • Penetrates deeply to work at cellular level.
  • So easy to use – just rub into the painful area 4x day
  • Anti-inflammatory - quickly reduces swelling, heat, redness
  • Turns off existing inflammation

  • Safely reduces pain after viral fevers - when your body aches all over
  • Helps improve pain free sleep when you are injured so you get better quality healing sleep
    • Helps you fall asleep easier
    • and to stay asleep, pain free, for longer
  • Helps reduce RSI (Repetitive strain injuries) & OOS (occupational overuse syndrome)
  • Great natural remedy for relieving period cramp pain and TMJ jaw pain
  • Also great for pain, minor inflammation and swelling for insect bites, wasp stings, mosquito itches and for relieving swelling and bruising (outside on the jaw) when teeth are extracted

Natural Joint Pain Medication for arthritis pain & joint pain treatment that helps you heal

  • Helps improve chronic pain and improve arthritis symptoms in
    • degenerative arthritis - osteoarthritis,
    • inflammatory arthritis - rheumatoid arthritis symptoms
  • Supports healing of connective tissue, fascia & joint health
  • With 2 active phytochemicals shown to turn off existing inflammation
  • Supports synovial fluid health so your joints & cartilage remain healthier
  • Helps stiff swollen painful joints move more easily
  • Great for arthritis in hands, wrist, knee arthritis exercises
  • Helps reduce joint meds for many types of arthritis

Natural Pain Relief + full strength Arnica bruise cream to

  • Quickly soothes bumps and bruises
  • Reduces growing pains in children and teenagers
  • Ideal for stress relief, healing & therapeutic massage
  • Muscle pain medicine for sudden muscle pain treatment - strains & sprains

Highly effective and safe to use for your whole family:

  • Topical approach with fast pain relief that helps you heal
  • Tested on thousands- safe for the whole family - no known health risks
  • Superior results to NSAID and opioid drugs, homeopathics and heat rubs
  • Gets you back to moving freely and enjoying a pain free life with those you love
And the best part is Rapid-Ease works naturally to help you heal faster. Unlike pharma drugs Rapid-Ease won't affect your cardio system, your kidneys or your stomach.  There are no known health risks or addiction issues.  Rapid-Ease has been proven by thousands of users & 15 years of testing and it is 100% quality guaranteed. 


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