Shocking New Insight Into Back Pain

Shocking New Insight Into Back Pain

Rapid-Ease is a whole new way of looking at back pain relief. It’s fast, effective, safe and natural. 

Back pain, especially lower back pain, is one of the most common pain conditions the world over.  A recent Lancet Medical Journal study from 2018, found that globally back pain would affect 80% of us sometime in our lives, affecting around 1/3rd of US people every year– most commonly in the lower back or neck.

If this looks familiar, you’re definitely not alone in your suffering.  Back pain is one of the most common reasons for medical visits and the number suffering is getting higher -up 54% in the last 25 years. The Lancet study showed only around 5% of back pain was due to serious conditions like herniated discs, traumatic injury or vertebral damage.  The vast majority (95%) of back pain was caused by inflammation in the area – tight, strained muscles and joints.

As you probably know, back pain can be a dull constant ache that’s always there, draining the enjoyment from life.  Or it can be a sudden sharp shooting high intensity pain, sometimes with sciatic nerve pain as well.  Which ever way it affects you, it is something you want to put behind you fast. 

Shockingly, the Lancet study found evidence that nearly all current medical advice and back pain treatments do not work.

The second part of the Lancet study:

  • Discredited the advice to rest & avoid exercise,
  • stated medications such as NSAID and Opioid drugs which delay healing with high risk of harm,
  • advised against inappropriately high use of expensive medical imaging,
  • recommended limiting expensive and invasive treatments like spinal injections and surgery (except for herniated discs).

And that’s not all - The study also discounted the use of ultrasound, TENS machines, traction machines, short wave diathermy and back supports as ineffective and should be avoided.

So, you’re probably asking “What can you do to relieve back pain?”  Let us introduce Rapid-Ease Pain Relief Cream




Rapid-Ease meets the requirements of the Lancets recommendations:

It relieves pain, inflammation and muscle tension & supports the musculoskeletal healing process

Rapid-Ease is Pain Relief Cream that helps you heal.

    Rapid-Ease Pain Relief Rub puts your backs care into your own hands. It will cost you a fraction of the cost of specialist visits, save you time off work and away from sport and the family.

    Rapid-Ease provides awesome effective natural remedies for back pain and inflammation

    • Best pain relief cream -
      • Almost instant back pain relief - felt in just 4 minutes
      • Penetrates deeply to cellular area to cure back pain fast
      • Reduces inflammation heat & swelling
      • Support immune system so you heal faster
      • Safe to use - no known health risks
      • So easy to use – just rub into the painful area 4x day 

    • Natural muscle relaxant relieves tight, tense & knotted muscles
    • Improves healing of spinal ligaments
    • Proven by thousands of pain sufferers & 15 years of testing

    Helps you relieve back pain fast at home

    • Reduces sciatica & nerve pain - eases pinched nerves
    • Supports connective tissue, fascia & back joint health 

    Helps you sleep with middle and lower back pain & sciatica

    • Reduces pain fast so you can fall asleep easier
    • Helps you remain asleep longer
    • Improves healing of spinal ligaments and sciatic nerves while you sleep
    • Quickly relieves lower back pain in morning after sleeping

    Ideal lower back pain relief products for back pain relief exercises

    • Helps warm up area and prevent strain at sport or work
    • Improves back mobility and range of motion
    • Great to use on the go at work, before exercise, when doing yard work or lifting 

    Best back pain relief cream

    • Puts your back pain relief into your own hands -saving you time, money with no pain
    • Ideal to use with back & neck massage machines, back rollers or heated pads
    And the best part is Rapid-Ease works naturally to help you heal faster. Unlike pharma drugs Rapid-Ease won't affect your cardio system, your kidneys or your stomach.  There are no known health risks or addiction issues.  Rapid-Ease has been proven by thousands of users & 15 years of testing and it is 100% quality guaranteed. 


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